Luminex Network Intelligence

Luminex GigaCore Network Switches and LumiNode DMX Nodes and Gateways enable AV technicians and operators to deliver and maintain complicated networking and control solutions without needing in depth IT knowledge or training.

Network switches like the GigaCore 26i and GigaCore 10 are fully preconfigured for Dante, AVB Milan, AES67, Q-LAN, Ravenna, sACN, ArtNet and many other protocols. All are available with PoE/PoE+ options to power additional devices.

LumiNode Ethernet to DMX nodes and gateways offer simple yet powerful connectivity from Ethernet and the industry standard lighting protocols to DMX, along with the benefits of Luminex's processing engines for advanced operation.

GigaCore 26i

Luminex LumiCore

LumiNode 4

Araneo Software

GigaCore Switches

Setup a (converged) pro AV network in no time. You don’t need any IT background because all our switches are fully pre-configured for all kinds of pro AV solutions. All our switches have pre-configured groups (VLAN) for most AV protocols. Along with an intuitive web interface, setting up your network is just a matter of seconds. Read more...

NEW LumiCore

LumiCore allows you to merge and route up to 64 x 4 input sources toward 64 newly defined universes. This way, LumiCore becomes the ideal solution to isolate your control setup on a festival, a theater or in a TV studio. devices provide a robust Ethernet to DMX solution with advanced features including protocol conversion, merging, PoE and redundancy. Read more...


LumiNode devices provide a robust Ethernet to DMX solution with advanced features including protocol conversion, merging, PoE and redundancy. With LumiNode you have up to 16 processing engines and up to 12 DMX Ports. Read more...

Araneo Software

A software tool that provides a complete graphical overview of a Luminex Network, showing connections, data flow and problems in a simple, clear and graphical manner. Araneo removes the cloud of confusion from networking, making everything visible to the AV professional without requiring specialist networking knowledge. Read more...

Introduction to Luminex

Luminex and AVB Milan

Featured Products

GigaCore 26i

GigaCore 10

LumiNode 4

LumiNode 1

Luminex Network Intelligence is a Belgian-based manufacturer of data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio and video applications, primarily for the entertainment industry. Luminex offers a complete range of network switches, converters/nodes and DMX splitters, providing AV designers and technicians with cutting edge technology to build complete data distribution systems for major events or large venues.
Committed to making professional AV network deployment as easy as possible without IT knowledge, Luminex's plug-and-play GigaCore switches do exactly that. They are completely pre-configured to transport all common-used lighting and audio protocols, such as Art-Net, MANet, DanteT, RAVENNA/AES67, PTP V2 and more. For more information on Luminex GigaCore and LumiNode please visit their website:

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