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AuviTran designs, develops and manufacture a wide range of Audio Networking Solutions, Audio Toolbox network bridges, Dante™ Breakout Boxes (B.O.B.)- Analog, AES3 I/O and DSP integrated,

AV-WALL hyper compact mounted interface panels with i/o and control, Management and Monitor software.

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AuviTran Toolbox

Dante™ AVDT-BOB (BreakOutBox)

The AVDT-BOB is a compact Dante™ break out box with embedded Digital Signal Processing, state-of-the-art analog microphone preamplifiers for a very high audio dynamic and quality over Dante™ at a very contained price.  The AVDT-BOB has DSP to process and mix audio signal at the source and at the output. The AVDT-BOB features a dual core ARM processor associated with a large amount of flash memory for a universal and multi-platform remote control over IP (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux). They provide to the AVDT-BOB a powerful processing with an efficient, easy and smart remote control.  Direct remote without any installation via Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux computer or via iPad, iPhone or Tablet, Smartphone  Read more…

Audio ToolBox

Today’s AV industry is awash with digital audio protocols, Dante, AES67, AVB, MADI, AES-EBU and the legacy CobraNet for example. While it’s convenient having audio on our network it can become complex when it comes to interfacing between protocols. That’s where AuviTran come in with their Audio ToolBox products. Audio ToolBox is a range of either three or seven slot frames which can be configured with a wide array of digital audio cards of various protocols, all of which are simply matrixed together. Need to interface Digico MADI to AVB then add MADI card and AVB cards and plug in your devices.  Read more…

AV-WALL Dante™ Interface

The AV-WALL-DT4i offers 64dB of true preamp gain on 2 professional XLR Mic inputs and 40dB of gains at line level on a stereo mini-jack connector. All gains can be controlled remotely via network or locally via direct rotative push buttons per steps of 1dB. An optional BlueTooth stereo input module can be connected for additional direct Bluetooth to Dante™ connection.

The AV-WALL-DT4oB Dante™ offers 2x XLR Line out and a stereo Bluetooth out Interface to Dante™ with an OLED screen display plus a local push button for local control in an incredible small size of less than 45x45mm and Optional Bluetooth extension for AV-WALL-DT4i and AV-WALL-DT4i-LE.  Read more…

AuviTran Audio ToolBox

Featured Products

AuviTran AVDT-BOB Dante BreakOutBox Model ADX8iO


Audio ToolBox x7

AuviTran ToolBox Model AVBx3 for Installation

Audio ToolBox x3

AuviTran Dante i/o AV-WALL Panel Model DT4i

Dante™ i/o Wall Panel DT4i

AuviTran S.A.S. established in 2003 is located close to Grenoble, France, where they design, develop and manufacture a wide range of audio networking solutions. Audio Toolbox, Management software, Network Bridges, and AVDT BOB (Break Out Boxes). The AVDT-BOB series are compact Dante Microphone Breakout Boxes with analog and AES3 in out and DSP integrated. The AV-Wall provide hyper compact wall-plate that fit in 45x45mm Mosaic space. The Audio ToolBox platform is available in StageBox or Installation modes and offer 20 interface cards to build the configuration you need.

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