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Linea Research offer a complete range of touring and installation networked DSP amplifiers and advanced loudspeaker system controllers.

The touring and portable focussed M Series range of four and 8 channel amplifiers are available in models developing between 1,500 Watts and 5,000 Watts per channel, all with networked control, powerful and flexible 96kHz DSP, user defined FIR filters on every output, and optional Dante connectivity. C series amplifiers offer the same power ratings as the M series but in an installation targetted package with no controls available on the front panel. The ASC48 is a high performance and easy to use digital signal processor for loudspeaker systems.

All Linea Research ASC, M and C Series products have been designed with digital networking in mind. Optional Dante™ interface cards are available offering dual redundant audio networking and routing.

M Series Amplifiers

44M and 48M Series networked DSP amplifiers for touring and portable applications. Read more...

C Series Amplifiers

44C and 88C Series networked DSP amplifiers for installation applications. Read more...

System Engineer

System Engineer software for system control and monitoring

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Linea Research 44M20

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Linea Research 44M20

Linea Research ASC48

Linea Research 48M20

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Linea Research is a UK based manufacturer of amplification and system control.

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