We’re here with a fresh outlook.

To enliven the rather traditional and unnecessarily complex  world of commercial  audio.

Optimal Audio has a streamlined portfolio working seamlessly together, with products that are easy to install and can be operated by anyone – not just engineers.

Products  are  designed to meet the needs of venues  - especially multi-zoned venues – and alongside the intuitive WebApp, the installer can easily  tailor the system from full EQ and signal processing to  setting  up  routines  and presets.

Sound quality is assured  and  the system is  then easily operated by venue staff, so they have the confidence  to  create  memorable nights of entertainment, engaging retail spaces,  inspiring lessons for the next generation  and  uplifting houses  of  worship.

A British brand and part of  Focusrite plc, one of the largest pro audio manufacturers  in Europe,  Optimal Audio benefits  from years of engineering experience, global  reach  and support.


Zone is the heart of our eco-system and provides the foundation to deliver efficient, high-quality multi-zoned commercial sound systems. When combined with our ‘secret sauce’, WebApp, you unlock the full potential of our portfolio via onboard EQs, speaker presets, structured time of day routines and so much more.

Compatible with any device, Optimal Audio’s WebApp makes system set-up straightforward and once completed, the venue staff can then be presented with a simple user interface which allows them to easily operate the system.

If a dedicated user control solution is preferred for the venue, ZonePad is an elegant wall-mounted source and zone control panel that is simple to configure and easy to use.


Optimal Audio offers a range of amplifiers, to partner our loudspeaker and control offering.

  • High performance, easy to install and use
  • Care and validation of sonic qualities as standard with high reliability
  • Cost competitive for the installation sector


Optimal Audio offers a range of on wallceiling and subwoofer loudspeakers for a full complement of commercial applications. Designed by world-class engineers, they offer premium sound quality at a cost-conscious price point.

  • High performance, easy to install and use
  • Care and validation of sonic qualities as standard with high reliability
  • Cost competitive for the commercial installation sector

To get the best out of the loudspeakers, SmartAmp and Zone with their integral DSP feature presets for optimal sound performance and driver protection. When coupled with Zone and WebApp, loudspeaker system set up and end user control is simple and intuitive, and can be further supplemented by ZonePad wall controllers.

Featured Products

Zone 4P

SmartAmp 20

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